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Family Law Counsel for Clients across Vancouver


Diane Gradley Barrister and Solicitor is proud to help people from all walks of life navigate the complicated issues related to family law in Vancouver. With more than 25 years of experience and a constant commitment to devoting personalized attention to each of her clients, Diane Gradley can help you focus on your legal goals. Diane has helped clients through a range of family law issues, including:

Child and spousal support

Diane can help ensure you and your child are receiving adequate compensation following a separation or divorce.

Custody and access

Let Diane help negotiate child custody and access issues to ensure your wishes are protected.


Count on Diane for complete notarization services in Vancouver.

Separation agreements

A separation agreement can ensure fairness and impartiality.

Collaborative law

In many cases, collaborative law can resolve legal issues fairly and to the satisfaction of both parties.

Marriage agreements

Before your marriage, protect your assets for your future financial wellbeing.

Property division

Don’t be left out in the cold following a separation or divorce.

For more information or to discuss your family law questions in depth, contact Diane Gradley’s office today.

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